With our Waze package, you can track all leads that come through your SEO, PPC or any other advertising campaigns you are running. This will allow you to analyse the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, so you can make the right adjustments and allocate your resources more effectively.

What is Bing Advertising?

Bing Ads is the second most popular Search Engine Marketing (SEM) platform, (led only by Google AdWords), which is a PPC advertising solution that enables businesses to reach high-intent purchasers across the Bing and Yahoo search engines and network.

While some businesses may be reluctant to allocate their advertising budget on the second most popular search engine, savvy businesses and major brands all advertise on Bing Ads, and for great reasons. Bing and Yahoo search engines represent the second and third most used search engines in the United States, and their networks should not to be ignored. Bing Ads represent a massive reservoir of untapped potential for many businesses, often at much lower CPA rates than Google AdWords. Including Bing Ads into your marketing mixture can increase visibility to potential customers that you may miss out on limiting your marketing efforts to Google alone.

Why use Bing Advertising?

Bing Ads reported in 2016 alone they received 160 million unique searchers, (59 million not reach on Google), with 5 billion monthly searches, and 31% market share. These are figures not to be ignored and a massive platform to reach potential purchasers not searching on Google.

Bing Ads is a perfect platform for businesses with a tighter monthly media spend budget, as well as being a perfect compliment for business wanting to scale and expand their reach to more high-intent purchasers on a massive untapped network.

At WAZE, our PPC strategists have consistently recommended and incorporated Bing Ads into our clients marketing mixture and have consistently shown an increase in volume of conversions at more lower rates than a more competitive Google AdWords space.

Dedicated Bing Ads Strategist

Much like our Google AdWords program, all our clients utilizing Bing Ads network will be paired with a dedicated Bing Ads strategists. We believe having a direct-line to an actual person, and being able to receive timely answers to your questions is essential to ensuring we’re providing the best service, managing and optimizing your accounts towards your goals as we progress, and make timely adjustments for new offers, changes and objectives your business may have.

All of our Bing Ads strategists are seasoned PPC professionals with a thirst for data, and offer a variety of services to ensure your accounts are properly built to maximize your media spend, and hit your target goals.