Toll free specialist

Make the most of the latest technology in the telecommunications industry by coming on board with our Waze Telecommunications package. We offer toll-free numbers and geo numbers, coming with a host of sophisticated features such as call tracking, call distribution and call forwarding. If you want to improve the way you engage and service customers, then our Telecommunications package is the way to go.

Call Tracking

Optimise your marketing performance with our Call Tracking system. Identify the ad source, keywords and location your calls originate from to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and make informed decisions about your ad spend.

Call Routing

Get your calls directed to the right person at the right time, with our range of complex Call Routing solutions. By routing your inbound calls to the appropriate answer point, calls can be dealt with in a more flexible and customised manner, enhancing the customer experience.

Cloud Based Call Center

Our Cloud Based Call Centre is an efficient way to handle calls outside of operating hours. ARTIC (AVANSER Real-Time Inbound Call-Centre) allows you to manage your inbound calls in a cost effective and simple manner.

Toll-free Numbers

If you have a toll-free number your customers will not receive call charges, meaning there is less to stop them from calling you. waze provide affordable 0800 or 0508 numbers throughout NZ.

Call Conversion

Track the customer journey from the beginning of their search to their final conversion. Pin point the ad source which generated the call, use our Call Recording feature to evaluate how the call was handled, and use our Call Outcome feature to discover the ROI of that call.

Call Analytics

Make smart and informed decisions about how to improve your marketing with Call Analytics. We provide advanced data and reporting that will help guide effective marketing decisions.

Call Recording

Monitor sales and service calls with our Call Recording solution. Use this feature to review how your team handles calls and make improvements. Having your calls recorded also allows you to protect yourself against misrepresentation.

Geo Numbers

It is common to want to market your business outside of your local area. Our Geo Numbers allow you to mask your number enabling you to appear locally, even if you are not local. This allows your business to reach into another marketplace without needing to be based in the area, and creates trust through a seemingly local presence.